The official address is:
Finsterau, 4814 Neukirchen

Please enter house number 52 and then drive up the forest road and follow the wooden signs!

That's how you drive:

With navigation system: Enter house number 52 and then follow the signs.

Without navigation: A1 exit Regau, in the direction Gmunden, then left towards Pinsdorf. In Pinsdorf before the Spar right into the Aurachtal (green sign).

In the Aurachtal to the place Finsterau, there you will find on the right side a bus stop. Just at the beginning of the bus stop, a forest path goes up the hill. (If you passed the Gasthof Ofner - also on the right - you are too far!). The driveway is small and a dirt road.

Up the forest, up up - do not be surprised, it goes far up (about 1km). Once there is the opportunity to go straight, you take the curve to the left. Some Navigation's say that you are already there. That's not true. Then comes a turn, that you take to the right. Then you have accomplished it. Please park in the carport.

The forest path is worth renovating at the moment. If you prefer not to go up, we'll pick you down.