Frozen water droplets before and after treatment with the Vortexér, digitally photographed by Ernst F. Braun & Sarah Steinmann from Wasserkristall in Switzerland.

The Living Water Vortexér

A jug for water vitalization.

The Vortexér extracts harmful information from the water (neutralizes the water) and enriches it with life energy.

How is the water neutralized and how does the life energy get into the water?
The jug contains a silver-plated rotor blade, which is rotated at the push of a button. This creates a V-shaped water swirl, also called a vortex.

Many years of experience lie behind the health-promoting effect of the water. The simple predecessor of the Living Water Vortexér has been used by doctors and naturopaths for many years. In the first week, one to two glasses of swirled water are drunk every day. This increases to 1 liter per 40 kg body weight in the second week.

The vortex has three health benefits:

1) The vortex neutralizes the water. Scientists have determined that water stores information. This information can be unhealthy for the human body. The Vortex restructures the water molecules so that the information in the water is neutralized.

2) The vortex vitalises the water. The Vortex provides an inward-movement, left-turning spiral-shaped movement that generates life energy. Viktor Schauberger calls this an "implosion" (as opposed to an explosion that has an outward movement such as combustion or nuclear fission and thereby destroys life energy). This life energy is also called Chi or Prana; vitalized water has a high Bovis value.

3) The vortex makes light pollution harmless. Because oxygen is supplied during rotation, light contaminants (such as heavy metals or chlorine that are present in tap water in many countries) are partly rendered harmless or disappear in the form of gas.

The silver propeller also has an antiseptic effect.

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Technical data:
- Capacity: 1.8 l
- Environmentally friendly non-toxic Ecozen bio-plastic
- Rechargeable, wireless to use up to 50 times
- Silver coated propeller and earthing plate, 30μm pure silver
- Different Vortex programs available
- Duration of the Vortex process depends on the water quality / program 3.3 to 7.3 minutes

What can I think of with 'life energy', 'Chi' or 'Prana' and how is this measured?
A person has a Bovis value of 6,000-8,000. Water from the tap or from a plastic bottle is almost always lower (3,500-5,000). This water does not help to increase your life energy level. The Bovis value of Vortexér water varies from 10,000 to 15,000, so that your body stays healthy (or becomes healthier).

The Bovis value can be measured using kinesiology / pendulum. Most physicists can do this.

Example Bovis
Human body 6.000-8.000
Tap water in Denmark 7.000-9.000
Water from a plastic bottle 3.500
Water from a glass bottle 3.500-5.000
Vegetables from the supermarket 2.000-7.000
Organic vegetables 7.000-12.000
Water from the Living Water Vortexér 10.000-15.000

What negative information can be in our tap water before the Vortexér is used?
Information enters the water through physical contact with substances, such as medication (birth control pills, antibiotics, etc.). The substances are chemically filtered out during the drinking water purification process. However, the information of these substances remains in the water.

But information can also end up in the water without physical contact, such as through radiation or through human emotions (Masaru Emoto has done a lot of research into this).

Water stores information via the structure of the water molecule clusters. The water molecules are restructured and neutralized by the Vortex during the process.

This was confirmed at the scientific conference "Water Conference 2019 on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water". The conference can be viewed here.

For more information, look here.


Idea, development & conversion: Erik Lavigne (Denmark)
Technical construction: Hayo Stam (Austria / the Netherlands)

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0043 (0) 650 992 76 98

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