Hayo Stam

7 April 1972
Mechanical engineer
Host in the woods

My Resume including all my projects as Mechanical Design Engineer

I am a motivated freelance mechanical engineer with over 15 years of experience in converting ideas into manufacturable products with a special drive for simplicity and efficiency in design. My focus is on developing and / or improving products that contribute to a better world. I currently have room for new assignments. Using the professional 3D software ProE Wildfire / Creo I initially make a 3D model that has been worked out down to the smallest detail, then I make a drawing per part to make it ready for production.


From childhood I have helped my father with all his odd jobs around the house. He has taught me how to process wood, make electrical installations, install water supply and drainage systems, repair things with creative solutions.

I started with the LTS (Low Technical School) to learn as a car mechanic.

During my work as a car mechanic I obtained my diplomas for second and first car mechanic.

Then I went to the HTS (High Technical School) for automotive engineering, where I also got a diploma.

And then I have followed all kinds of courses and workshops: Shiatsu massage, Delegate program with Nassim Haramein, Log cabin construction with Roland Mayer, Permaculture with Sepp Holzer and then I have probably forgotten some more.

Work experience

For ten years I worked as a car mechanic at various garages. I learned a lot about the technique and gained a lot of practical experience.

After completing the HTS, I worked as a 'mechanical engineer' in the machine and equipment construction for Ratex for a year and a half.

For seven years I worked as an 'mechanical engineer' for paid employment at FCS (Fokker Control Systems), which was taken over by Moog in 2006. Here I participated in the development of aircraft, helicopter and car simulators.

Since 2012 I have been self-employed, among other things, as a mechanical engineer, until the end of 2017 mainly on behalf of my former employer Moog. In 2017 I decided to invest my time only in products that I believe contribute to a better world.

For the Quinteq company I worked on a mechanical energy storage. For example, it is possible to temporarily store electrical energy in the form of kinetic energy so that it can subsequently be used again as electrical energy. The sun is not always visible and the wind is not very constant either.

I also helped Erik Lavigne from Clean Water with the development of a new water improvement device "Living Water Vortex Jug". Based on the theories of Viktor Schauberger, 20 years ago, Erik converted a water jug ​​ to vitalize water, of which more than 30,000 were sold. The new model offers more options and also looks more modern (nicer).

Design software

During my internship on the HTS I worked with the 3D software 'Ideas' for six months.

At Ratex I worked with the 3D / 2D programs Inventor and ProE and for the 2D drawings with Autocad.

At FCS / Moog I have a lot of experience with ProE Wildfire.

As freelance mechanical engineer I work with ProE Wildfire and Creo.

Other software

Microsoft Office: Excel, Powerpoint and Word